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What's ScotPEN?
Who's it for?
How does it work?
Can we make it better?
Consultation survey now closed 

The survey closed at midnight on 15th May, Further information will be shared shortly so please keep checking back.

We are keen to involve members of ScotPEN (and people who aren't members but associate with its key theme of public engagement in Scotland). This is your opportunity to tell us what you think ScotPEN should look like, who it should include, and how it should be run.


In July 2020 the ScotPEN committee decided to set up a number of working groups to help with the day to day running of ScotPEN and to improve communication. The ScotPEN Futures Working Group was created to carry out a consultation about the remit, membership and structure of the network, and how this may be improved in the future. 

Following a very competitive application process, the ScotPEN Futures Working Group is delighted to announce that Dr Charlotte Thorley has been appointed to support our consultation process. We'd like to thank everyone who took the time to submit an application.


Dr Charlotte Thorley is a freelance science communication and public engagement professional based in the West Midlands of England but working internationally. Charlotte works with charities, universities, funding agencies and researchers to create structures and strategies that value diverse voices within research, reaching new audiences and maximising impact.For more information about Charlotte: 


Want to know more?

We'd love to talk to you! Please get in touch with our working group members: 

ScotPEN Futures Consultation 2022

The ScotPEN Futures Working Group members are:

Amy Cameron (

Lyndsey Clark (

Sophia Collins (

Barbara Gorgoni (

Senga Robertson-Albertyn (

Kirsty Ross (

Dawn Smith (

John Urch (

Laura Wicks (

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