ScotPEN Wellcome Engagement Award (SWEA)
Public Engagement Training Resources

SWEA is a pilot scheme that funds Wellcome grantholders in Scotland to engage the public with their research. It replaces Wellcome’s Research Enrichment: Public Engagement funding scheme in Scotland (this Wellcome blog explains why).

Through SWEA, we are pleased to be able to provide a programme of training sessions in public engagement for current and prospective SWEA award holders, Public Engagement Professionals and the wider community of researchers, academics and professional services staff involved in public engagement.   

The sessions are delivered by Dr Jamie Gallagher, Dr Jane Essex and the Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen Science Centres. The comprehensive programme covers a wide range of topics, including Inclusive engagement; Adapting to digital and hybrid delivery; Building and maintaining strong relationship with partners through collaborative practice; Going back to in-person events, and Evaluation of engagement. 

 Recordings and slides of completed sessions can be found above.

​The SWEA team is keen for any input regarding training needs. To feed back on this or for other queries, please contact

Training sessions are funded by Wellcome, through the ScotPEN Wellcome Engagement Award (SWEA) (Project number 217078/Z/19/Z).