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Online Learning Resources

Below is a selection of resources recommended by ScotPEN members, professionals in engagement with research, education, libraries, museums, and archives. 

Please note ScotPEN is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites..

Activities for ages 3 and up

The Dad Lab

Fun science experiences for youngsters using household items

STEAM Experiments

Variety of creative science activities searchable by age range and subject area

Activities for ages 5 and up

Maddie Moate 

How things work and things to make, including outdoor activities. 
Live show at 11am every weekday

Science fair project ideas searchable by age range

Science Kids 

Online science games which cover chemistry, biology and physics concepts 


Home science experiments and information on other topics including geography, history 

DK FindOut!

Safe, search engine-like encyclopaedia covering a range of topics and questions

Activities for ages 7 and up

Medical Research Council

Activity packs introducing science concepts, including DNA, cells and viruses

My Brain Robbie

Project looking at a range of brain health topics, suitable for 6-12 year olds

Activities for ages 11 and up

Evidence Hunter

This activity pack for 11-14 year olds gives kids the skills and confidence they need to critically assess stories and claims they see and hear

I’m a Scientist debate kits

The kits develop students’ discussion skills around scientific issues. 

Activities for multiple ages (Primary and Secondary)

British Science Week

Activity Packs for under 5s, 5-11 years old, and 10-14 years old

Science Connects

West of Scotland STEM Ambassadors online resources 

STEM Glasgow

School and home resources

Royal Academy

of Engineering

Teaching and learning resources

The Maths Factor

Carol Vorderman fronted maths activities 

Ages 4 -12

Operation Ouch

Dr Chris, Dr Xand and Dr Ronx explore the ins and outs of the human body in a variety of eye-opening experiments.


National Informal STEM Education Network is a community dedicated to supporting informal STEM learning across the United States

Royal Society of Biology

Biology for all activities and resources

The STEM Centre

Resources for schools – primary & secondary (biology, chemistry, physics, computing, D7T & maths) and post-16. and family activities by age

Royal Society of Chemistry 

Chemistry resources

Maths Week Scotland 

Maths Resources

Crest Awards

Resources for different ages

BBC Bitesize

Resources covering all school ages and curriculums and a wide breadth of subjects

Science Buddies

Hands-on science resources for home and school

How to Smile

Hands-on math and science activities for school-aged children or the general public


Science and Technology Facilities Council have started a number of resources available

including universe themed resources

Citizen Science - Contribute to science yourself!


Lots of projects to get involved with suitable to older children and for adults


In search of uniqueness: anatomy and variation of the human hand

Virtual Visits

Edinburgh Zoo

Live Panda Cam

Chester Zoo

YouTube Channel

National Museum

of Scotland

Explore the collections


The Conversation

Short online articles written by experts on a wide range of subjects often based on recently published research. Aimed at older readers.


Check out your local library online. They have

e-resources and e-books you can borrow

Video and livestream Resources

Ted Talks 

Short engaging talks and animations on a wide range of topics available in multiple languages

Periodic Videos

Chemistry videos about each of the elements on the periodic table

The Royal Institution

Known for their annual Christmas Lectures, The Royal Institution has lots of accessible lectures on a wide range of topics


Bird Club

Established by Chris Packham, there will be live streams every day from 9am BST on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook

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